Wolf Creek Creations was founded and is operated by Joan Blood of Lacombe, with the goal of creating weighted blankets that are more personal than the run-of-the-mill versions one can find on many websites today. Instead of a basic grey, pink, beige or other stock color, Wolf Creek’s weighted blankets are each one of a kind, with image panels chosen to match a variety of personalities and decor. 

Suffering from disability herself, Joan completed the online business course offered by Make A Change Canada. Joan now hires other persons with disabilities and is both employer and mentor. Her talented team makes every piece by hand, putting in hours of artistic dedication to make beautiful and functional products.

Wild Horses Weighted Blanket
Just one of the pieces currently available in our shop


In 2016 a friend approached Joan about making a weighted blanket for her young daughter. As you may know, weighted blankets are designed to suit a person’s body weight. A blanket should weigh approximately 10% of a person’s weight, so someone weighing 150lbs would have a blanket weighing 15lbs. But what if someone received a blanket when they weighed 80lbs? As they grew, the blanket’s effectiveness might be compromised due to the change in weight.

Joan came up with a solution to this issue: a weighted blanket that can be adjusted to suit the weight of its user – a true “Blanket for Life”. As needed, weights can be added and removed to properly suit its owner, as a person gains weight, more can be added to the blanket, and as they lose, some can be removed. Wolf Creek Creations is currently the only company in North America to create such diverse and practical blankets. 

In addition, each of the blankets is unique. They are handmade by the Wolf Creek team with an image panel or custom design. As you can see with a glance through the gallery, Joan has made ‘memory quilt’ style blankets, comic themed blankets, gaming themed and several beautiful fantasy designs among others, showing that it really is possible to have just the right design to fit your personality and needs. 

Don’t forget to drop by our web-shop linked above to look and see if anything catches your eye. We’re sure you’ll be impressed with the quality and find your own Blanket for Life!

Meet Our Team


Joan Blood

Joan started Wolf Creek Creations in 2016, after brainstorming with a friend on how to create a one of a kind weighted blanket that’s weight would be adjustable as her child grew. Since conception, Joan and her team have added lap pads, scarves, travel blankets, masks, and neck pillows. All products are weighted and with the exception of masks and neck pillows, all feature a proprietary removable weight system.

Janine Torgerson

Janine also lives in Lacombe, and manages all of our digital media. Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, even the blog and the whole website. Janine has been involved with the company from the very beginning and is extremely dedicated.


Lana Curlie

Lana lives in Rimbey Alberta. She is willing to drive to and from her house to Joan’s to pickup and drop off weighted blankets and wall murals. She does most of the quilting and finishes any regular quilts with binding and wall murals as well as put on the sleeves for all the wall murals. Lana and Joan also go on road trips to search for different fabrics for blankets and other products we produce

Kaye Holmstom

Kaye lives in Lacombe Alberta. She does the majority of the cutting and sewing of the weighted blankets and will create and cover all of the weights that we use with out products.