Private: Weighted Products for Every Need

At Wolf Creek Creations, we know that every individual is different and has different needs. Using our proprietary weight system, we are currently the only company in North America that offers weighted products that come with individually removable weights. The benefits of this extraordinary system? You get a product that perfectly suits the exact weight you need. We know the therapeutic benefits are usually at 10% body weight, as you will see in The Science Behind Weighted Blankets. We also know that some folks prefer their weighted products with more weight, and some with less. Our ability to customize each individual weight means we can achieve this delicate balance with every product made. As an added bonus, you also get a product that is easy on your laundry. Simply pop the weights out, wash as directed, and pop them back in.

Zebra weighted travel blanket
child with weighted blanket
man with green weighted blanket

Products that include this amazing system are our Weighted Blankets, Travel Blankets, Weighted Scarves, and Weighted Lap Pads. Please note that weighted neck pillows and weighted eye masks are made with integral weights to allow for more accurate weight distribution. We know when it comes to pain, that every situation will require slightly different pressure in different areas. Please be sure to refer to the specific care instructions for these products.